ASAP Ministries- Karen Refugees, IL
Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted (ASAP) seeks the opportunity to reach refugees when they are most open, the first five years after coming to a new country. This year’s offering will provide support for the Lay Leader of the Karen refugees to assist with expenses of the growing congregation in Rockford, IL.

FARM STEW equips families with skills in sustainable agriculture, plant-based diet, sanitation, enterprise, and more. Funds requested from ASI will go to support a FARM STEW Trainer based in Jinja, Uganda where we are partnered extensively with the Jinja SDA church, training and equipping over 200 youth every week to go out as trainers in their community.

Orphans International Helpline
OIH is a ministry dedicated to providing for the basic needs of orphans in Bombardopolis, Haiti. Offering funds will support sponsorship for 40 orphans, providing food, clothing, shelter, medical care and Christian education.

AFM Mali Project
ASI Lake Union has committed 3 year of support for the Mali Project. Two individuals continue their missionary endeavors to present the Gospel to the people of Mali on the continent of Africa. Funds raised for this project will be matched by ASI Lake Union to maximize the reach for souls for the Kingdom of God.