FARM STEW equips families with skills in sustainable agriculture, plant-based diet, sanitation enterprise and more. Funds requested from ASI Lake Union will continue to build on the work that has begun in Jinja, Uganda by helping to support a FARM STEW trainer for one year. This will not only strengthen the program but expand the reach to other communities in need of these skills.

Orphans International Helpline
Supported by previous Spring Fellowship offerings, ASI Lake Union has expanded the reach of OIH to care for orphans and abandoned children in Haiti. We would like to continue to support this worthy ministry by assisting in the purchase of land and fencing for a dairy farm. Your offerings will help establish a foundation for this initiative to combat a prevailing deficiency of vitamin D, calcium and potassium due to lack of milk and other plant-based nutrients.

Adventist Frontier Missions 
ASI Lake Union has committed 3 years of support for two missionaries to continue their endeavors to present the Gospel to the people of an Islamic country on the continent of Africa. Funds raised for this project will be matched by ASI Lake Union to maximize the reach for souls for the kingdom of God.

Adelante Community Health Center
Adelante is a grass roots outreach in Berwyn, Illinois designed to provide health instruction to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic health conditions. Funds will be used to help erect signage to promote and attract passers-by and community residents to the programs. Adelante has a history of highly successful health and Bible outreach conducted by Manuel and Esther Alva, a physician team and long-time members of ASI Lake Union.